Transortation & Logistics Lables

Apma offers a range of identification products tailored for the logistics industry, including barcode labels and tags for location identification, pallet and container identification plates, and labels, tags, and signage for site access, wayfinding, and general asset tagging. We also provide custom identification products designed to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of Transortation & Logistics Lables

Transportation companies and logistics managers worldwide trust Express for durable identification solutions.

Our barcode labels are custom-designed to meet your identification requirements and are built to withstand any environment—from storage docking facilities to shipping containers on ocean freighters. With data integrity and read rates that do not degrade over time, our barcode, data matrix, and RFID technologies enable you to track inventory throughout any supply chain.



Our Barcode Identification Solutions provide reliable and durable labels designed specifically for the transportation and logistics industry. These custom-designed labels ensure accurate tracking and efficient management of goods throughout the entire supply chain. Whether for location identification, pallet and container labeling, or site access and asset tagging, our solutions are built to withstand the toughest environments, from storage facilities to ocean freighters. With advanced barcode, data matrix, and RFID technologies, you can trust in the integrity and longevity of our labels, ensuring seamless inventory tracking and management. Choose Express for all your transportation and logistics labeling needs.

  • Monitor Real-Time Logistics and Statistics
  • Track the Location, Condition, and Quantity of Inventory
  • Run Efficient Cross-Docking
  • Manage Resources and Protect Critical Assets
  • Compliant with Federal Regulations and Industry Standards


  • Fastest Turnaround Times in Industry

  • Custom Design & Build

  • Helpful Customer Service

  • Driving Business Efficiency

  • Clean Manufacturing

  • Clean Manufacturing