Datacenter Labeling

IT technicians and data center managers worldwide trust APMA for reliable data center and IT identification solutions. Data centers can easily get out of hand, with numerous electronics and an interconnecting web of cables, ports, and servers. However, IT technicians can bring order to any data center with a proper barcode identification strategy. All barcode identification products are custom-designed to meet your identification requirements, with data integrity and read-rates that do not degrade over time. Human-readable, barcode, data matrix, and RFID identification help organize even the most complex data centers.

Benefits of Datacenter Labeling

Data centers are the modern day nerve center of any business, institution, or government because of the constant flow of critical data across the networked communications infrastructure. Reliability and maximum uptime are absolutely critical to any data center operation. A comprehensive end-to-end labeling scheme implemented throughout the data center secures your networked communications by simplifying troubleshooting and the inevitable moves, additions and changes likely to occur over time. As part of a professional cable-management system, labels can accelerate tracing and initiate problem-solving measures and repairs as quickly as possible to avoid downtime. Lacking such a system, troubleshooting and cable tracing can be time-consuming and expensive for IT technicians.



Effective cable administration and management adds economic value for owners, as well as greater assurance of warranty protection. A well-documented installation is easier to update, troubleshoot and repair, which equates to lower maintenance costs over the life of the project and, ultimately, lower total cost of ownership.

  • Wire and Cabel Labels
  • Cabinet, Rack & Port Labels
  • Building & Room Identification
  • Directional Indicators, Wayfinding Placards, and Signs
  • Instruction, Safety, and Warning Labels


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