Electronic Component Lable

Identification products for the manufacturing industry include ESD labels, WEEE labels, electronic component identification, RoHS labels, UL & CSA labels, and a wide variety of labeling products for product identification, warehouse management, work in process, and general asset identification.

Benefits ofElectronic Component Lable

Electronics and instrumentation manufacturers worldwide trust Apma for custom identification solutions.

All barcode labels are custom-designed to meet your identification requirements. Our barcode labels are durable enough to withstand any environment, precise enough to meet strict tolerances, and visually appealing for user interfaces. With data integrity and read rates that do not degrade over time, barcode, data matrix, and RFID technology allow you to track any electronic component or instrument with confidence.



Our barcode labels for electronic components are engineered to provide reliable and efficient tracking solutions in even the most demanding environments. These labels are custom-designed to meet your specific identification requirements, ensuring precise and consistent performance.

  • Instrument Control Panels, Overlays, and Faceplates
  • Printed Circuit Board Labels
  • Electronic Component Identification
  • Logos, Decals, and Brand Identification
  • Flame Retardant, Electrostatic Dissipative (ESD), and Lead Free
  • Compliant with UL, CSA, and Industry Standards


  • Fastest Turnaround Times in Industry

  • Custom Design & Build

  • Helpful Customer Service

  • Driving Business Efficiency

  • Clean Manufacturing

  • Clean Manufacturing