Automative Parts Labeling

At APMA, we work closely with our OEM customers to recommend the most suitable materials for labels, nameplates, and overlays. Our extensive selection of labels is specifically designed to withstand the demanding conditions of automotive parts and other harsh environments, providing durable and long-lasting solutions that meet your labeling needs with exceptional quality and cost-effectiveness.

Benefits of Parts Labling

Our clientele includes prominent manufacturers from a variety of industries, such as automotive parts, protective equipment, compressors, and material handling equipment. These manufacturers rely on our products to ensure their brand identification remains intact throughout the product's lifecycle, enduring years of outdoor exposure, harsh chemicals, and rigorous operating conditions.



Labels play a crucial role in the automotive industry, where precision, durability, and compliance are paramount. At APMA, we specialize in providing robust labeling solutions tailored to meet the demanding requirements of automotive parts. Here are five key benefits of utilizing labels in automotive parts:

  • Enhanced Product Identification
  • Durability in Harsh Environments
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards
  • Brand Integrity and Warranty Protection
  • Facilitation of Traceability and Quality Control


  • Fastest Turnaround Times in Industry

  • Custom Design & Build

  • Helpful Customer Service

  • Integration with Automated Systems

  • Clean Manufacturing

  • Durable Materials and Adhesives